Knife Grinding Belts (2×72 Belt Grinding Belts)

  1. Aluminum Oxide (AO) Knife Grinding Belts: These are standard abrasive belts suitable for general-purpose grinding and shaping of metals. They offer good durability and are available in various grit sizes.
  2. Zirconia Alumina (ZA) Knife Gringing Belts: Zirconia belts are known for their exceptional durability and aggressive cutting ability. They are often used for heavy material removal, grinding hardened steel, and other challenging applications.
  3. Ceramic Knife Grinding Belts: Ceramic belts are highly durable and provide fast and efficient grinding. They are designed for heavy-duty applications, such as grinding high-alloy steels and stainless steel, and are known for their long lifespan.
  4. Trizact Knife Grinding Belts: Trizact belts feature micro-replication technology, providing consistent cutting action and longevity. Ideal for precision grinding and finishing, they remove scratches and refine surfaces with uniformity.
  5. Scotch-Brite Knife Conditioning Belts: Scotch-Brite belts are non-abrasive belts that use synthetic fibers and abrasives to provide a consistent and controlled surface conditioning. They are commonly used for deburring, blending, and finishing applications.

It’s worth noting that availability and specific variations of these belt types may vary depending on manufacturers and suppliers.